Choosing Child Care

Choosing Child Care

Choosing child care is not an easy decision. There are many things to consider and many questions to ask. At Hands On, we are here to help you with this process and determine if we are the best fit for you and your child. We offer a safe, loving environment with kind, caring teachers that will nurture and comfort your children. In addition, we foster development by offering them enriching and engaging activities. As a parent, only you can know what is best for your child.

A good resource to help you in your decision is the Government of New Brunswick’s A Parent’s Guide to Quality Child Care in New Brunswick , which offers the following advice when reviewing child care options:

Quality Child Care Checklist (Source: A Parent’s Guide to Quality Child Care in New Brunswick)

Things to observe:
  • Are you greeted by a child care provider when you arrive?
  • Is the atmosphere welcoming and child-friendly?
  • Do the other children appear happy and enthusiastic?
  • Are children and child care providers actively participating in activities together?
  • Is there a tone of respect between the children and child care providers?
  • Are the child care providers using a suitable approach to providing guidance and instruction?
  • Are there age-appropriate materials accessible to the children?
  • Is some of the children’s creative work visibly displayed?
  • Do the children seem familiar with the routine?
  • Do the children seem confident, or unsure of what they should be doing?
  • How do care providers handle disagreements between the children?
  • Is there an appropriate child care provider to child ratio?
  • Does the environment appear clean and safe?
  • Are rules and safety procedures clearly communicated?
  • Is adequate space provided for each child to keep necessary personal items?
  • Is a daily activity schedule clearly posted or communicated to you?
  • Are evacuation procedures clearly posted or discussed?
  • Is the name of the individual in charge clearly posted or communicated?
Things to ask:
  • Is parental involvement encouraged?
  • What are examples of daily meals and snacks?
  • How do you discipline the children?
  • How do you handle children that are sick?
  • Do you administer and keep track of medicines given?
  • What are some examples of the day’s activities?
  • Do you or others that provide care have formal early childhood education training?
  • Ask for references from parents who have used this service in the past.
A day of quality care should include some of the following:
  • meals and snacks that follow Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating
  • activities that offer a mix of free play and quiet time, and that are developmentally appropriate for the age of the child
  • positive interactions between the child care provider and child that is warm, caring and respectful
  • opportunities for the children to be read to and to participate in creative art activities
  • a mixture of physical activity and outdoor play for a minimum of 30 minutes



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