When can I drop my child off and pick them up?

We are open from 7 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday. Please bring your child into the centre, change them into their indoor shoes bring them to their classroom. Please remember to be on time when collecting your child at the end of the day.

What activities will my child do?
Our teachers plan a variety of programmed activities that are designed to engage, enrich and educate your child. For more information, visit the Programs and Curriculums section of the web site.
Do I need to provide diapers and wipes?

Yes, you provide the diapers and wipes. Our teachers will let you know when refills are needed.

Do I need to schedule an appointment if I want to stop by?

We maintain an “open door policy”; families are welcome to drop in at any time during our program hours. Our educators are happy to meet with you regarding any aspect of your child’s attendance. We do, however, request that, if you would like to meet with one of your child’s educators, you request an appointment. The reason for this request is to ensure the educator’s ability to maintain her/his focus on the children during program hours. Long conversations, during drop off and pick up times, take the educator’s attention from the children and program. Parents are encouraged to participate in centre events. These would include special days, field trips and school wide events. Please check your child’s bulletin board as well as the centre information board frequently.

Do you guarantee spots?

Yes, we can guarantee a spot for you if you are looking for child care within a 6 month period. All that is required to hold your spot is a deposit equal to the first week of child care, which is applied to your account when your child begins at Hands On.

Are the separate age groups in different rooms?

Yes, each age group has their own classroom but also use a common eating area and gym.

What is your teacher to child ratio?

Teacher to child ratios vary by age group. Ratios are listed in the Programs section of the web site.

Are you licensed by the government?

Yes, we are fully licensed by the government, which involves annual renewal and regular inspections by Fire, Health and Social Development.

Do you have a waiting list?

We do not have a waiting list as we prefer to give you the peace of mind of a guaranteed spot. If you are are looking for childcare within a 6 month period, we are able to check our availability and we will guarantee your spot. All that is required to hold your spot is a deposit equal to the first week of child care, which is applied to your account when your child begins at Hands On.

Do you offer transportation?

We offer pick-up and drop off at local schools for the Superkids Afterschool Program. Grades K-2 are the first pick-up and Grades 3-5 are the second pick-up.

Click the Centre below for a list of schools that we service for pick-up and drop off.

2) 15 Granville Dr – Moncton

3) 2181 Mountain Road – Moncton

Will I get a report of what my child does throughout the day?

Our teachers are pleased to provide you with an update on your child’s day. Detailed daily logs of your child’s day are kept until the age of 3.

Are immunizations required?

A copy of your child’s immunization record is required by law and must be updated as immunizations are given by your health care professional. If you choose not to immunize your child, a waiver must be signed.

Will my child have naptime?

We have quiet time/naptime at each of our centres from 12:30 to 2:30. If a child no longer naps or a parent does not want them to nap, they will be engaged in quiet time activities.

Will my child go on field trips?

Field trips happen weekly for our Preschool Enrichment Program and monthly for our Morning Preschool classes. Parents are notified well in advance of any trips and are required to sign a permission slip to allow their child to participate. Our summer programs involve weekly trips.

What is your discipline policy?

Children are encouraged to participate and cooperate with each other. They are encouraged to share, practice good manners and are assisted in developing a positive attitude.

All interactions between Educators and children, including, matters of discipline in nature will provide a learning experience and opportunity to understand positive values.

Inappropriate behavior will be minimized by:

  • Providing a sufficient number of interesting and stimulating activities.
  • Being aware of interactions occurring in the classroom and redirecting inappropriate behaviors.
  • Providing positive reinforcement for positive behaviors to promote children’s recognition of expected behaviors
  • Giving advance notice of transition times.
  • Allowing children to make valid choices.
  • Setting clear and consistent limits for appropriate behavior.

The use of corporal punishment, verbal, emotional or physical punishment is not permitted by the Child Day Care Facilities Operator Standards. Withholding food or special activities as punishment will not be permitted.

Diet & Exercise
Are meals included?

Our students are provided with nutritious, wholesome food including a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack.

Will my child play outside?

Yes, outdoor play is an important part of our day. Our teachers take the children outside in the morning and afternoon weather permitting.

What if my child has allergies?

Our team will work with you to accommodate the needs of children with allergies.

Costs & Administrative
How much does it cost? What is your payment schedule?

We offer very competitive prices:

2181 Mountain Road (Moncton), 15 Granville Drive (Moncton), 120 Trites Road( Riverview)

Infants (under 2): $195/week

Ages 2-5 : $165/week

Preschool Enrichment – $185/week

Superkids Afterschool Program – $105/week

Superkids Summer Program – $140/week

2282 Mountain Road (Enrichment Centre)

Infant 15 month -2 years: $200/week

Ages 2 & 3: $170/week

Preschool Enrichment Program: $185/week

Can I take vacation throughout the year?

Fees are charged on a 52-week basis so weekly payments are due throughout the year. Our Superkids Afterschool Program offers two weeks of unpaid vacation time.

How do I register?

Registration requires that Child Profile, Emergency Care & Transportation, Consent for Outings, Consent for Acetaminophen & Permission to Photograph forms be filled out. We require a copy of your child’s immunization records before they start at HOLC. All that is required to hold your spot is a deposit equal to the first week of child care, which is applied to your account when your child starts at Hands On.

Can I do part-time care?

We do our best to accommodate part-time requests whenever possible. Give us a call to discuss your situation and we will work with you.

Can I get help to pay for child care?

Financial assistance is available through funds from Human Resources Development New Brunswick, to parents/guardians who qualify. You can find out more information about the Child Care Assistance Program by calling the Human Resources Development office at 1-866-426- 5191. You do NOT need to be on income assistance to be eligible for the childcare assistance program.

When are payments due?

Payment may be made on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis; however, it is required that payment be made in advance of the service.(Friday of the previous week) Weekly fees (paid by cheque) should be dated for the Monday of each week and will be payment for that week of care. Bi-weekly payments will reflect two weeks in advance, monthly payments will reflect four weeks in advance. We accept cheque, Interac transfer, money order or cash. . Receipts will be issued yearly by the end of January for income tax purposes.

Safety & Security
What is your safety plan in case of emergencies?

All staff must be trained on Evacuation/Emergency procedures. Evacuation procedures/Fire drills are practiced monthly with all staff and children. Monthly inspections and maintenance of building facilities are completed to ensure safety is maintained.

This Evacuation/Emergency plan is reviewed monthly after drills and every 12 months to take into account any changes in physical location or evacuation procedures.

The following steps will be taken in case of an Evacuation/Emergency at the center.
A staff member will sound the alarm ( 2nd staff available call 911). Each staff member is responsible for the children in their group. When the alarm sounds each staff member will gather the children, carry an attendance sheet & emergency contact list and any special provisions. Staff members will exit the building and proceed to our designated safe area as outlined.

What is your sick policy?

Your child’s health is important to us. It is necessary that parents have alternative plans for the care of their child if their child is ill.

We following NB Health Regulations regarding exclusion from attending the centres.

Parents are required to inform the centre of their child’s absence and symptoms so that all documentation may be completed.

What if my child gets sick at daycare?

A staff member will notify you if your child is exhibiting symptoms. Should your child need to be picked up due to illness, you will be required to do so within an hour of the Centre contacting you.

Do you give my child medication if they get sick?

Hands On Learning Centre will administer prescription drugs to children in accordance with provincial legislation. Parents are expected to provide the following:

Prescription Medication

  • Signed authorization on the Admin of Medication Record including the dosage and times a prescription drug is to be administered.
  • Medication in the original container clearly labeled with the child’s name, name of the drug, the dosage, the date of purchase and instructions for storage and administration.

Parents must fill out, sign and date the Medication authorization forms each time medication is given. All medications must be given to day care staff and NOT left in back packs or cubbies.

If my child is sick, do I still have to pay?

Yes, payment is required.

About Us
How long have you been in business?

Hands On Learning Centre first opened in 1997 in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. It has been owned and operated by Rosemary, Glenn and Nicki Paquette for the past twenty one years. Rosemary and her family moved to Moncton in 2000. She has worked as an elementary school teacher at Arnold H. McLeod School. Seeing a need for preschool programs in this area she decided to open a centre based on the same philosophy and physical environment as the centre in Nova Scotia. Hands On Learning Centre in Moncton opened in the fall of 2008 and the Riverview centre in July 2009. Hands On Learning Academy opened in September 2011 on Trites Road in Riverview.   2181 Mountain Road opened in July 2012. Mountain Road expanded to include children birth to 12 years in April 2013. Our Enrichment Centre at 2282 Mountain road opened in 2017.

Are your teachers trained in first aid/CPR?

Yes, all staff members have active first aid and CPR certifications.

Does your staff have background checks?

Our childcare centres are licensed through the Province of New Brunswick and are inspected yearly by Fire, Health and Social Development. All Hands On Learning Centre staff have their First Aid/CPR, Criminal Record Check/Social Development Check and Medical.

What training does your staff have?

We choose well educated and experienced staff many of who have their Early Childhood Diploma, B.A., and B.ED diplomas. In addition to their formal training in early childhood education, each of our team members undertakes the 30 hour training certificate on the New Brunswick Curriculum as well as extensive training on the Hands On Learning Centre curriculum and programming. We also have ongoing professional development and support for our teaching staff.

Do you have references that I can call?

We would be happy to provide you with references.



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