Enrichment Centre – 2282 Mountain Road

The Enrichment Centre, located at 2282 Mountain Road,  offers enrichment programming for children 15 months to five years and is the fifth Hands on Learning Centre in the Greater Moncton area.   This Enrichment Centre is a unique childcare offering.

Building on the success of their preschool enrichment program, HOLC decided to expand enrichment to all ages in this centre of excellence where students will experience a unique curriculum designed to set your child up for success.

Though many daycare centres offer playtime and enhanced childcare, enrichment programs take it to a new level by focusing on a curriculum that help to prepare children for when they enter the school system. This gives them a solid foundation on which they can build a happy and successful academic career. Our goals through this new program are to enhance and enrich the life of every child who attends and ensure they have fun while learning!

Our Enrichment Program will be based on the STEM curriculum: Science, technology, engineering and music. It will be complemented by activities in sports, dance, drama and art. As with our Preschool Enrichment Program our tuition is all-inclusive. Enrichment activities such as Music for Young Children, Soccer Tots and swimming lessons are included in our weekly fee. Having everything coordinated via the hub of the Enrichment Centre is convenient for parents and an amazing experience for children.

The costs for Enrichment Programs are as follows. Weekly fees include meals, snacks and the cost for all enrichment activities.

Infant – 15 – 24 months: $200/week, includes two Enrichment Activities per week
Toddlers – 2 years: $170/week, includes two Enrichment Activities per week
Junior Preschool – 3 years:  $170/week, includes two Enrichment Activities per week
Senior Preschool – 4 years:  $185/week, includes three Enrichment Activities per week

Infant and Toddler Enrichment Activities will take place at the centre with specialists coming to the Enrichment Centre. Junior and Senior Preschool Programs will have a mix of on- and off-site activities.

Spaces are limited. For further information or if you are interested in securing a space for your child, please call us today at 857-4263 or email us at info@handsonlearningcentre.com.



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