Our Team

Our Team

Our Teachers

Our teachers are the heart of our centre. Trained in early childhood education, our teachers are dedicated to the care and development of your child. They help to create a caring and nurturing environment for your child. They are the key to having an open dialogue if you have considerations, questions or concerns. They play an important role in the development of your child and they take that responsibility seriously.

In addition to training on the Hands On Learning Centre curriculum, our teachers receive their certificate on the New Brunswick curriculum. All undergo extensive background checks and hold active First Aid/CPR certifications.

At Hands On Learning, we believe in ongoing professional development, which includes classroom observation and review by the management team.

Our Management Team

Our management team plays a very active role. Led by Rosemary Paquette, a former teacher, our team is hands on and available to all parents.

Rosemary Paquette

Rosemary is a former elementary school teacher who holds Bachelor of Arts and Education degrees. She develops all curriculums for the Hands On Learning Centres. Grounded in education and taking advantage of advancing programming, Rosemary designs curriculums that prepare your child for school in an engaging and enriching way. Rosemary oversees the professional development and training of the teachers and helps to ensure excellence in all programming.

Nicki Paquette

Nicki is the director of our centres and handles all day-to-day operations. Nicki is a key organizer of all logistics, scheduling and a key support for our staff.

Andrea Allain

Andrea is our administrative superstar and is the first point of contact for inquiries, tours and billing questions. If you have questions, Andrea is a great place to start. If she doesn’t know the answer, she knows how to find it.

All of our team is available to meet with you. We value your questions, concerns and input.



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