Superkids Summer Program

Superkids Summer Program 5 years to 12 years

The summer program is full of adventure. We offer a chance to meet new friends and experience new things in our Superkids Summer Program. Learning continues through a holistic program that is meant to inspire the artist, scientist or athlete. We encourage good health through spectacular sports and fitness fun. Each week is a new theme and each day has a different focus.

  • Centre Day – arts and crafts, science, music
  • Water Day – Travel to local water parks and pools and enjoy sprinklers and water fun at the Centre
  • Field Day – Group activities of sports, fitness and team building
  • Trip Day – Spend the day exploring local attractions like Magic Mountain, Magnetic Hill Zoo, Hopewell Rocks, Centennial Park and Dobson Trail
  • Park Day – Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day at a local park – climb on the playground, relax under a tree with friends or join in some group games.



Main Attractions